Approving plans for record spending on care

I met with Cabinet colleagues on Wednesday to approve plans for a record £300million spend on caring for the elderly, people with disabilities and vulnerable children.

This budget, while undoubtedly the most challenging we have seen to date, will help us build on our track record of growing our economy and at the same time spending more on care.

To help the national economic picture, over the last seven years we have reduced council running costs by around £200m and further reduced in-house costs to help tackle reduced funding and deliver a balanced budget.  This year, as well as reducing our costs, we have had to take some very difficult decisions in order to bridge a significant shortfall in our budget and meet our legal duty to balance the books.  As part of achieving our balanced budget we will be increasing council tax by 4.95%, of which 3% will be solely for social care. This is just over £1 per week for a band ‘D’ property.

With a growing ageing population to support, we all now need to look at doing a little more for ourselves where we can, while also paying a little more to help those who now need our help the most.

As you will know from reading previous blog posts too, We continue to bring investment into the county and to build more business parks to create more new jobs. This in turn gives Staffordshire families the opportunity to lead more prosperous, rewarding, healthier, happier and independent lives, which should help reduce some of the pressures on the services the council provides.

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