Securing the future of the iconic Shire Hall

Shire Hall Gallery GDMost towns and cities have their own iconic buildings loved by their residents, and for the people of Stafford and the county, it’s the town’s Shire Hall.

People who know the building will know what a wonderful structure it is, with the main hall leading out to the market square, and a mix of courtrooms and back offices.  There has been quite a lot of talk in recent months and I would like to reassure readers that the county council is committed to protecting and preserving the building for the future.

It’s in all our interests to have a busy, vibrant Shire Hall which contributes to the town centre and that’s what we want to see.  It’s important we find the best ways of keeping the building well-used, relevant to the community and the town, while allowing it to generate an income to sustain its future.

Because the Shire Hall was originally designed as a courthouse and is a Grade 2 listed building, there are practical and legal restrictions on what can be done.  But there are lots of possibilities we could consider, including office accommodation, pop-up shops, functions, wedding fairs, and markets.  I’m meeting with Cabinet colleagues in the spring and I’m confident that we will find a suitable use which will not only preserve and protect this wonderful building but will keep it busy and successful for present and future residents to enjoy.

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