£70m regional partnership to create 700 jobs

Keele Deal

Keele University

This week we saw the announcement of the ‘Keele Deal’ which aims to create Seven hundred jobs and help support over 1,000 businesses.  It’s part of an exciting £70m research-led collaboration with Keele University, neighbouring Councils, health partners and the Local Enterprise Partnership.

The New Keele Deal will deliver a unique deal designed to stimulate growth of the knowledge-based economy in the region and support businesses to access Keele University’s world-class research and facilities.  Working together we will help businesses to become more competitive, produce better quality products and improve customer services, and develop their leadership around innovation.  Not only will it bring growth and create high quality jobs for the area, it will also improve healthcare locally through greater research and development of new treatments.

The Deal really is unique nationally and will put Staffordshire at the forefront of the UK’s emerging industrial vision.  Alongside this, the County Council is also set to commit to a £2million investment in the new Innovation Centre at Keele University Science and Innovation Park.  Again, the new Mercia Centre for Innovation Leadership will help support our local business leaders to develop the skills needed to innovate and grow their businesses and create even more quality jobs for local people.

Click here to watch a video explaining how the Keele deal will benefit the county.


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