Staffordshire’s 11-year-olds rise to the challenge

Its that time of year again when many young people will have taken exams and are now waiting for their results to come through, and I wish everyone the best of luck.

And the county’s 11-year-olds have already risen to the challenge of the tougher tests rolled out in this year’s SATS. Provisional results that came in this week show that pupils across Staffordshire are achieving along with their peers on a national level, meaning they are preparing themselves up for more exam success in the future.

Initial results show reading is at 65.9% compared to 66% nationally, writing at 74.3% compared to 74% nationally, and maths at 68.2% compared to 70% nationally. The majority of 11 year olds in Staffordshire are achieving the standard expected of them, which in turn will leave them in a stronger position when they move into high school.

It’s really vital that all our pupils are given the opportunity of a solid foundation on which to build upon in future years, and working with our school improvement partner Entrust, we will continue to support schools with teaching, learning, and assessment to help them raise standards. The results now show that Staffordshire children are definitely moving in the right direction and I am thrilled our county’s schools are achieving this.

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