Britain votes to leave the European Union

Everyone I’m sure will have been following the EU referendum story over the last few months and now be aware that the county and the country has voted to leave the European Union. the priority will be to ensure this is done as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption to the country, our residents  and the economy.

In Staffordshire, as always, we remain committed to growing a stronger economy where people have access to more opportunities and better jobs and we will continue to focus on delivering this as the plans are put in place to leave the EU.

Driving up people’s skills levels to enable them to take advantage of growing opportunities and further development at our business sites  will remain our focus.  At the same time we will also continue to support the most vulnerable in our communities and ensure that people in Staffordshire have the opportunity to lead happier and healthier lives.

Over the coming months, and indeed the next two years, we will be working closely with the Government to help shape the country and proactively manage the transition phase here in Staffordshire.  Britain is a small island in an increasingly global world, we must not just look inward. The mantra ‘think global, act local’ has never been so apt.


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