Major business developments on the way

This has been a big week for the future of the county’s economy with ground-breaking plans being put into action. With Cabinet colleagues we have agreed a commitment to deliver three more major business development projects that will potentially create thousands of jobs.

The go-ahead means we can begin designing for the delivery of construction work at Keele University Science and Innovation Park and infrastructure work at Chatterley Valley near Newcastle-under-Lyme and at the former Royal Ordnance factory site in Featherstone, South Staffordshire.

This is a thrilling step forward for Staffordshire’s economy and more evidence of our wider commitment to increase the number of better paid jobs in an area with near full employment.  We are taking the initiative now to invest in our business future and create the opportunities for skills and productivity to thrive. We have already been directly involved in £250million worth of investment in the past five years and this is the kind of commitment that will put money in Staffordshire people’s pockets in the long term. I cannot wait to see these projects get under way.

In Burton, two major proposals also moved a step forward as plans for the first new secondary school in the county for 25 years received backing from planning officials.  At the same time a new primary school for the town has also been given the go ahead, meaning work can get underway within the next few months.

Burton is booming and the population is increasing, and with such growth comes extra pressure on school places.  But by taking a long-term view and working with parents, pupils, schools and planning departments we can maximise the resources we have available to us to ensure all children growing up in Burton now and in the future can get the very best start in life.

Although it still needs the final go-ahead, the new Highschool will lead to the construction of a £25million 1400 place school due to open in September 2018.  The 420-place primary school, to be built at Henhurst Ridge in Burton, will open in September 2017 for reception, year 1 and year 2 pupils.  It’s an exciting time for families in Burton.

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