Thoughts on the budget and what it means for Staffordshire

Moves to leave more cash in the pockets of workers, a freeze on fuel duty and measures to protect children’s health were amongst some of the highlights from the Chancellor’s Budget last week.  Proposals that all schools should become academies by 2022 was another idea also muted.

While we comb through the finer details over the next few weeks at what the budget means for the county, our economy and our communities, we certainly welcome measures to increase personal allowances and reduce the higher tax rate threshold which will see people take home more money in their pay to either spend in their local communities or to save and invest in their own and in their family’s futures.

Increased independence for schools mentioned in the budget has been on the agenda for several years now too and we have been preparing for it for some time now here in Staffordshire.  80% of maintained schools in the county are currently rated good or outstanding by Ofsted and we would expect them to set high standards when they become academies. The expectation is that good academy sponsors and strong head teachers will also create partnerships with other schools to share their expertise and improve performance across the board.

We have already done a great deal of work in this area, commissioning training and support packages for school head teachers, staff and governors through Entrust and providing parents with information, advice and guidance to enable them to get the very best education for their children.


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