Work progressing well on new Stafford Library

Earlier in the year we announced that the Stafford library currently located in the Shire Hall Gallery would be moving into Staffordshire Place, and having had a sneak preview of the work, it’s now starting to take shape.

The library is due to open in September and will not only offer access to books and resources for members of the public, but a range of modern facilities for businesses, community groups, schools and colleges.  It will have access to the latest technology, including new digitable touch tables, allowing people to view online resources and archives, photographs and other materials.  The new Innovation Suite is particularly interesting and will give people access to 3D printing, helping people and businesses to design and develop new products. Young people will also be able to use Raspberry Pi’s to help them develop their computer programming skills.

Technology has really changed how we live our lives these days and how we access information and books and it’s important that we keep up with it.  We’re very excited about the new library and I’m sure people will make good use of the facilities.  I will keep you posted on the progress.

Each year millions of people in the UK fall prey to scammers though it is thought less than one in twenty report them, and that’s why we are supporting Scams Awareness Month during July.

Our Trading standards team will be working with the police to set up a number of no cold calling zones in communities across Staffordshire to reduce fear of doorstep crime.  Criminals will go to any length to defraud   people and we want to help people spot the tell-tale signs and have the confidence to say no.

Common scams include doorstep double glazing sales, online investment offers, bogus bank calls asking for personal details and online job adverts asking for an upfront fee.  We would always advise that if something appears too good to be true then it usually is.  Quite often it is elderly people who are targeted too, so look out for your older neighbours and relatives.  You can get more advice on

And even more sporting news this week with the Staffordshire cycling Festival that took place in Stafford and at Shugborough over the weekend.  This year’s event again welcomed some of the UK’s top professional cyclists.  As I have said before, we are fast becoming the ‘Sportshire County’ for great sports events which is very exciting.  In addition to the professional races, a fantastic programme of events was also planned throughout the weekend for amateur cyclists and families wanting to join in the fun.

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