How Casserole Club is helping reduce loneliness amongst older people in Staffordshire

A Staffordshire community meal sharing project is encouraging people to think about their older neighbours and their loneliness and isolation.

Research shows us more than 50 per cent of those over 80 years of age in the UK are lonely. This same research also suggests that malnutrition amongst older people is increasing, which most of the time is preventable. That is the time for our communities to help.

The Casserole Club helps local people share extra portions of their home cooked meals with other adults, such as older people who may experience difficulty in cooking for themselves and also may feel lonely. It’s a really simple idea but can make such a huge difference. Cooks simply prepare a meal in their own home, popping a portion in a container and dropping it round later that day to an older neighbour they’ve been matched up with.

It’s not just about the food though, as Cooks will also stay and have a chat with their diner.  Over 200 people have already signed up which is very encouraging.  If you enjoy home cooking and want to help an older person in your neighbourhood then why not give it a go.  You can find out more or join at

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