Doubling the number of apprenticeships

This month we saw the Deputy Prime Minister in the West Midlands seeing the work done in increasing the number of apprentices.  Here in Staffordshire we have also made huge progress doubling the number of apprenticeships since 2009 from 4,570 to 9,620.

I’ve always said that apprenticeships are a key focus of our work to bring the opportunity of growth and prosperity to everyone in Staffordshire, especially by improving the employment, earnings and career prospects of our young people.

We have also led by example with our own apprenticeship programme taking on over 600 apprentices since 2009, and helping them secure their chosen careers across a wide range of occupations.

Increasing apprenticeships remains a priority for the County Council, especially at higher levels and within a wider breadth of sectors.  Advanced apprenticeships have already increased from 1,600 in 2010 to 4,000 in 2013, so we now want to promote them further as a credible alternative to other higher education routes.  Young people should see apprenticeships as a viable option for them in obtaining the better paid jobs on offer.

In July next year, we will hold for the first time ever a prestigious Apprenticeship Graduation Ceremony  which  will give everyone involved – apprentices, their family, training providers and employers – the chance to come together with a real feeling of pride in what the apprentices have achieved in their learning and work.


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