Winter preparations underway and Royal approval for i54 South Staffordshire

You might not feel it at the moment, but the colder weather is not far away and our gritting and snow plough crews are gearing up for its arrival. Operation Snowflake launched last week which marks the “official” start of winter for us. Teams have been refreshed on their procedures and drills. And, we have been overhauling the 40 plus strong gritting fleet to ensure they are ready to roll into action when needed.

We have the largest gritting network in the West Midlands and grit 43 per cent of our 6,000km of highways. We have six winter maintenance depots in Stone, Stafford, Leek, Gailey, Lichfield and Hemmingslow with 28,000 tonnes of salt stock piled. Our nine weather stations across the county will also be keeping a close eye on the weather and helping crews plan the necessary action.

Our crews always do a fantastic job helping to keep the county safely on the move and it is vital that we are prepared for whatever winter has in store for us. While it is still quite mild, the teams will be continuing with daily highway operations, but it is great to know they are good to go when needed.

This week we will be welcoming the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh who will be visiting i54 South Staffordshire to officially open the Jaguar Land Rover engine manufacturing centre. Her Royal Highness will also be opening stamp printing company – International Security Printers Limited who have located on the site.

Our joint investment at i54 has secured hundreds of millions of pounds of further investment and brought thousands of jobs to the area, and I am sure you will join in our delight at this royal seal of approval to the businesses on site.

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