Wedgwood Collection to remain in Staffordshire

I am sure you would be as pleased as me to hear that the fundraising challenge to help keep the Wedgwood Collection here in Staffordshire has achieved its goal. I’ve said before that it’s crucial that the collection of ceramic masterpieces remain in the region and I was pleased that the County Council were able to play their part, pledging £100,000 to the fund. Raising the final £2.74m now means that the collection gets to stay in Staffordshire where it belongs.

The Collection is very much a testament to the historic and cultural past of Staffordshire and as a county we couldn’t just stand by and let these treasured masterpieces be lost forever. They’re remaining here for the nation to view, enjoy and learn from.


Last week we also got the news that legendary goalkeeper Gordon Banks will be the patron for the UK Corporate Games being held in the county next year. The event, in June, is expected to attract thousands of amateur sports people from some of the top UK companies. It also gives us the chance to show-off our many inward investment opportunities to some key movers and shakers from the business world.


Gordon made 628 professional appearances over a 15 year period and won 73 caps for his country. He also led Stoke City Football Club to their League Cup win in 1972 and was voted FIFA Goalkeeper of the Year for six years.


Now, Gordon will be taking to the stage to officially launch the Games later in the month at Keele Hall. David Frost, Chair of the Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Local Enterprise Partnership, has also been confirmed as Business patron for the Games.


October is a busy month for campaigns, what with International Walk to School Month, National Tyre Safety Month and not to mention Stoptober. Our Public Health Team are busy encouraging the county’s smokers to sign up for Stoptober – the annual stop smoking challenge, to help people give up. If you have taken the challenge, I hope you’re doing well. Last year 3,358 people in the county signed up, which was a huge number and one of the highest responses in the West Midlands. If you’re a smoker and have not signed up yet, it’s not too late so go for it. It is a great opportunity to make a serious quit attempt with the support of friends and family and really there is everything to gain and nothing to lose by giving it a go!

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