Looking ahead to the Autumn Statement

We are all waiting for the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement on Thursday and with it details of the funding we will have for the next financial year.

While we expect further reductions in funding, the county council will continue to ensure we deliver the best services possible for our residents without increasing the burden on local tax payers. We will continue to listen to residents and not let up in our quest for innovative solutions to provide them with the best possible outcomes.

Over the last five years we have made over £130m of savings whilst freezing council tax, invested in our economy to create more jobs, and worked closer with partners such as the NHS to make every pound of taxpayers’ money we have to spend deliver the most impact for our communities.  But we also know the job is nowhere near done and that new challenges demand new thinking, not least because people don’t want services that no longer fit how we live and work, may be expensive and only benefit a few.

By focusing on what matters most to people in Staffordshire and finding new, more efficient and more effective ways of working, I believe we have made a good start on the transformation of Staffordshire County Council and the county’s public sector to better meet the needs of local people today and tomorrow.

The Autumn Statement is also an opportunity for the government to support much of the good work we have already done here in Staffordshire and especially continue the support  for our local business. One thing I hope the chancellor will do, is take the opportunity to invest in our national infrastructure.

On a more local note, it’s great to see that South Staffordshire college’s Cannock campus is now complete after a year’s worth of renovations.  The new £6m centre is due to open soon and is key to skilling up our young people in preparation for their chosen career. Centres like this, along with high quality education and training are essential for our county’s continuing growth.

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