The knot unites

As some of you may know Staffordshire County Council unveiled its new logo this week and I am really pleased with the end result!

The new logo incorporates the historic Stafford Knot, which over time has become a symbol that is recognised countywide.

I think the design reflects the county council as a modern organisation but also emphasises a sense of pride in Staffordshire and its heritage.

SCC_logo_RGBWe worked together with the public throughout the design process which proved to be really useful. It was interesting to discover that most of you out there now recognise the knot as a county wide symbol which ultimately contributed to the final design being used. We also had the pleasure of working together with Lord Stafford and receiving his approval to use the historic knot.

I think the knot symbolises not only Staffordshire’s great tradition but also bringing together the county’s many different communities. These are two things that as the new leader of the county council I am keen to revitalise throughout our county.

It is important to note that the logo will be phased in gradually across all county services only when replacements are needed.

I do hope you all like the new logo. I would appreciate your feedback and comments as always. Throughout the consultation process we received many comments of this nature but I think a comment from one gentleman summed it up nicely, “Well that logo is just Staffordshire all over isn’t it?!”

Thanks to everyone for your feedback.

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