“Who Do You Think You Are?” comes to Staffordshire

I do now think about you when I’m tucking into my Shredded Wheat, if that’s the same stuff as Weetabix!

As the warmongering Mother Nature would have it, she chose this, the week when the fields for next year’s wheat harvest must be prepared, as the time to let loose a most violent turn in the weather.  A pre-emptive strike was called for, so twenty five acres of field had to be rolled, sprayed, and riddled with slug pellets before she could begin her bombardment. Hard to believe that last year’s wheat harvest was only just dried. I’m sure farmers everywhere understand my plight when I say that I wonder whether the graft will be appreciated when people tuck into their Weetabix in the morning.

All the more frustrating when I returned home on Monday to find the Rivers Dove and Churnet flooding my farm.  The damage was unfair to say the least.  Mind you, it’s been much worse in the north of the country.

Interesting times as a councillor this week; had a recent meeting with South Staffordshire College Board to discuss the College’s delivery of education and the maintaining of financial health during these current economic conditions with good results.

And Staffordshire’s candidate for Police Commissioner Matthew Ellis debated a unique idea to form a uniformed young Police Cadets Service for  10 – 18 year olds to strengthen links between the police and young people (see: http://tellmatthew.org/?p=967 for a recording of the debate).  It is good to see such ideas and efforts for the benefit of Staffordshire’s youth, and to strengthening our ties with them.

The annual Staffordshire One Hundred event was held on Monday, a superb chance for some notable current discussions like ensuring how the Olympic legacy continues and how to encourage apprenticeships, partnerships and  business start-ups. Thanks go out to Mike Sassi for chairing the event; it was a great success for the partnerships that attended and an excellent event for bringing Staffordshire’s organisations into the spotlight.

I hope everyone enjoyed Wednesday’s episode of “Who do you Think You Are?” as much as I did, with William Roache of Corrie fame.  His journey led him to Stafford to see the William Salt Library Archives to learn about his grandfather’s mystery past, and it was great to see the archives get such celebrity attention. Amazing to see those photos of Alton Towers from when it wasn’t a theme park though; just proves that the grounds there would look wonderful with or without the ominously named roller coasters.

I also had the pleasure and honour of meeting David Cameron at 10 Downing Street this week, there to meet with other Conservative council leaders from across Staffordshire.  Exciting stuff to be on the other side of that famous black door, and the company was excellent. I’ll never know where Mr. Cameron finds time to talk amongst the running of the country, and it is good to see him in such a relaxed light when he appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman. I think forgetting what Magna Carta meant is forgivable in light of his excellent knowledge on Britain; 9 out of 10 is a good mark for a trivia quiz, considering.

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