Harvesting time

Oilseed Rape harvestingIt’s been a nice couple of days on the farm; the harvest has started at last with the Oilseed Rape, which turned out a better crop than expected after the recent monsoon weather.

Early last week I was at Lancaster House for the British Business Embassy listening to Steve Cram and Sally Gunnell at the Global Summit on Education.  Great Britain is home to an impressive four of the top 10 universities. Life skills and aspiration are essential for success as a nation we were reminded with taking the driving test as a good example of what we can do when motivated!

Wing commander Andy Green was talking about Project Bloodhound, Michelle Selinger CISCO about STEM subjects: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and UTC’s (University Technical Colleges) for high level and practical education for 14-19 year olds.

There aren’t enough PHDs in Physics, and STEM subjects need Ambassadors to inspire children to be the scientists and inventors to build our future.

I had a very early start on Thursday morning at Indulgence in Uttoxeter, with the Uttoxeter Business Network, keeping them up to date with the word of our SnS LEP and SCC.

In Olympics news, it’s well done Team GB who are doing great and have been storming up the medals table.  Unfortunately its commiserations for the Pakistan Hockey Team after Team GB beat them 4:1 last Friday.  We were delighted to welcome their return to Cannock Hockey Club for some last minute training. But Cannock’s own James Fair and the rest of the team went to the Semi Finals to meet the Netherlands last night.  Unfortunately we lost the match, but we will be competing for a Bronze medal on Saturday against Australia so Good Luck for then …

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