Schools out for Summer

Its starting to feel like summer with Bradley Wiggins winning the Tour de France, the sun coming out, the Olympics all set to start, schools out and the roads less crowded.

What a change in the weather, I would like to thank my farming friends for moving my sheep out of harms way, safely up out of the flood plain and on to higher ground after a month’s rain fall was forecast for one day.

I am in full support of the 2,000+ dairy farmers went down to Westminster Hall in protest to the cuts. 100 were from Uttoxeter alone, lobbying MPs about dire milk price with yet more angry farmers outside. Uttoxeter dairy farmers David Brookes and Philip Smith appeared on BBC News in Westminster, the new lower milk price will threaten future milk supply.

Dairy farmers have been hit hard by the news of milk price cuts, naming and shaming supermarkets who won’t support the industry. I for one think Staffordshire needs dairy farmers. And they need to be getting a fair price for their milk.

In the last couple of weeks I have been down to the last Police Authority HR meeting, have met with Staffordshire and Stoke MP’s on our distinct economic offer with business colleagues, and caught the high speed WCML to London for the LGA Executive update.

At the West Midlands Council AGM there was discussion on how local government can improve and innovate by self help. Borrow with pride, and lend with humility.

A ‘Well done’ is in order as Staffordshire County Council received awards for print and communication, plus an award in the LGA reputation awards.

And we are all looking forward to the start of the main event this weekend… We saw 157,000 people line the streets of Staffordshire to see the Olympic Torch Relay when it passed through Staffordshire on May 30 and June 30, and the Pakistan Olympic Hockey Team have arrived safely at Cannock Hockey Club and are making the most of the fantastic facilities.

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