Out and about

I certainly enjoyed my long Easter weekend, and my good deed for the holiday was to plough Rocester’s allotments on the old railway line ready for people to go planting, and I only managed to break one plough part.

Not yet half way through April and I have already allocated £2,600 of my £10,000 of Staffordshire Local Community Fund! I think this is a really great way to encourage, help and support worthy local projects, and I am looking forward to continuing to do so.

Last week I got the chance to hear the concerns of Stramshall residents about the proposed 87 meter tall wind turbine at the Uttoxeter Quarry. Along with Aggregate Industries, the owner’s of the quarry, who wanted local resident’s views on the proposed single wind turbine on the site before a planning application is submitted to Staffordshire County Council. It would have a massive impact on the town, the valley and the countryside around it.

From renewable energy to research and development, I got to meet with Professor Mike Gunn, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of Staffordshire University to talk to him about our common interests and how we as a council along with the university can create more opportunities for young people with research and development.

Social media has become a force to be reckoned with, and as a blogger and a tweeter myself it was interesting to hear from Staffordshire Police Authority about how the Police use social media to keep residents informed.

And to end on a more indulgent note, the fish and chips at the Yorkshireman at Colton which won a Taste of Staffordshire Award really are fantastic! And topped off with a glass of Bagot Bitter, it made Good Friday a really, really good Friday.

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