A quick round-up!

It’s been a busy ten days so apologies for being off the blog for a little while.

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My recent highlights have included opening the new Apedale Centre in Newcastle. It’s one of the most environmentally sustainable buildings in the region. Energy conservation and management is central to the building and it demonstrates ways of using renewable energy that can be used in homes. It’s now open to the public and will be used as a base for the County Ranger Service.

Last Wednesday we welcomed a delegation of Russian friends from Ivanovo. They’re visiting a variety of different projects in the county that they are involved in. It was good to meet them in person after many virtual meets, and interesting to see all the challenges and priorities we had in common, as well as of course a few cultural differences between Staffordshire and western Russia!

On Thursday last, I had the great honour of attending a dinner at St James’ Palace to aid the National Memorial Arboretum in Lichfield. In a week where rememberance was very much on the mind of the nation, I was proud to be recognising this Staffordshire venue, which we as a county council are doing a lot to support.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were both there, and had some great words to say about the importance of the memorial for the nation.

You can find out about the appeal to raise funds for the NMA here


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