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Midlands Engine update and conversations with Cheshire counterparts

Monday, December 2nd, 2019

This has been one of those weeks where I have spent a quite a lot of time out of the office.  I’ve always tried in this job, and in my previous appointments, to strike a balance between time in the office listening to colleagues and solving problems, and getting out on the ground and understanding what is happening at first hand.  I worked for an American general who had a strict 50/50 rule, which worked well for him, and stopped the temptation to constantly be out on visits.  That said, smart and agile working means that we don’t need to be so proscriptive, and the skill now is to balance face to face discussions – wherever they take place – with the digital.   

I spent most of Wednesday working on the Midlands Engine, which is not a return to my first jobs as a mechanical engineer on Chieftain tanks, but rather the organisation which champions the economy of the East and West Midlands.  We are in the process of refreshing the strategy in preparation for the new government, and planning for the next phases in the development of the economy, the infrastructure requirements and the skills levels across the region.  An interesting aspect of the activities at the moment is the planning for the visit in February of China’s Regional Governors, which we are hosting in February in Birmingham.  It is an annual event which alternates between China and the UK, with Belfast having hosted it in 2018.  I am a member of the Operating Board which is planning the programme, and have found it fascinating balancing the cultural and political considerations, as well as the sometimes conflicting aspirations of some of the British participants. 

Lastly for today, I spent a couple of hours with Andrew Lewis, my counterpart in Cheshire West and Chester Council.  Andrew and I share a background outside local government, but his is central government, including time in the Treasury.  We had a fascinating conversation comparing our challenges and the opportunities to cooperate through such organisations as the Constellation Partnership.  As always with these opportunities, I left having learned a number of things.  One of those was how the Council had turned around the market in Chester, improving the offer in terms of stalls and traders, which has had a transformative effect.  The market now has a huge rise in footfall and its recent extension of opening hours on Friday and Saturday evenings has made it a real destination for residents and visitors alike.  As so often is the case, it comes down to one person with a vision – their market manager has achieved something in a few years that is hugely admirable.