Connecting Us Survey results

We have now done the first cut of analysis of the Connecting Us Survey, and I wanted to share some of the initial feedback with you. In general, there was a better response rate, which is really encouraging. The annual survey is our most important tool for understanding how you feel about working at Staffordshire County Council, what we could do better and what makes for a great place to work. As I’ve said before, I want us to become a learning organisation, always looking to improve what we do for Staffordshire and its people.

Indicators are slightly up on 18 months ago, which is good too, but the same areas that you told us needed attention last year remain in focus. We still need to do better with how our colleagues think that we manage change, and we need to communicate across the organisation more effectively. I could take solace from the difficult year that we’re having with the spending controls as a result of the Better Care Fund (BCF) not being paid, which has resulted in our having to take out £15M in year.  That will always put any organisation under pressure and make management of change harder.  But I’d still like to see us do better.

We will be discussing the detailed results at Senior Leadership Team and with Cabinet in the coming weeks, and most importantly agreeing how we act on what you have told us. We will share the survey results and the action plan with the organisation later this month.

The communications challenge is one that I would like to tackle up front, and I’d appreciate the feedback from readers of this blog.  By the way, I understand that some believe that it’s written by the Comms staff.  I can assure you that I take a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon and spend a few minutes knocking out the thoughts that are uppermost in my mind.  It really is all my own work!  I wouldn’t want anybody else to take the blame for it.

I don’t want to create another load of work for anybody – we’re all busy enough already.  I wonder whether we could use a bit of lateral thinking and modern technology to keep everybody better informed.  For example, I lead the Business Brief every month, usually in the Trentham Room in SP1. It would be very easy to video relevant presentations and updates, and enable you to watch them at a later date through the intranet from your desks.  I’d value your thoughts on this, and indeed any other suggestions.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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