Using the digital gateway to make digital working a reality

You might remember me leading a bit of a charge against unnecessary meetings and poor time-keeping a year or so ago. You will hopefully also have picked up through this blog and my other communications with the organisation that I’m serious about making digital working central to our mindset.

With both those ideas in mind, I had an excellent session with Matthew Gratton and Richard Lancaster on Friday to talk about our Digital Strategy and how we help develop and prioritise digital innovation across the council through a new approach called the Digital Gateway. A good proportion of you will hopefully have heard of or used web-based discussion and sharing platform Pinipa, which is in use across the council, and is a big part of our new digital approach. The delight of the Digital Gateway is that it allows a meeting to take place over a period of days and weeks with the main players adding value at their convenience, without the requirement to physically meet. It’s effectively a forum in which the players can discuss a concept, exchange ideas and views, and ultimately vote on it, as you would in a meeting, but run virtually in a secure environment.

Matthew and Richard took me through a live example where one of our colleagues was seeking funding for a new concept. I know that there are times when face to face meetings cannot be replaced – I would contend that tools like Pinipa and the Digital Gateway allow us to make time for those events which currently get squeezed between all the others. You can find out more about the Digital gateway on the intranet.

Also on a digital subject, if you have not yet completed the Connecting Us Survey, please take a couple of minutes to do so. I certainly found last year’s very useful in gauging the temperature of the organisation, just after I arrived. I’d really value your feedback on how we’re doing, and what we need to concentrate on in the year ahead. Thank you in advance.

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