World events and local implications

It’s been a rapid paced week, with world events dominating our thoughts.  Our sympathies are with those who have died in France on Bastille Day in a senseless attack by what appears to be a lone perpetrator, and we are seeing the sad return of instability in Turkey and the tension between the government and the military.  It almost, but not quite, distracted us from the appointment of our new Prime Minister, Theresa May, and her choices for her Cabinet.  After a period when it was easy to feel that we were at the mercy of events, it feels reassuring that we seem to have regained some form of direction.

This is timely, as we need to work out what are the implications of Brexit on Staffordshire and our residents.  I suspect that things will not become completely clear for some time, but there are some assumptions that we can make. The only thing of which we can be sure is that we will get some things wrong, but that will be more right than waiting for the perfect information and doing nothing in the interim.  There’s lots to do, with no template or guidebook, but our experience and insight will stand us in good stead.

Meanwhile, we are moving towards submitting the Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Plan.  By the end of this week, we will have presented our initial work, and had the initial challenge session with the Department of Health.  After many attempts over previous years, there is a real sense of purpose, and an acceptance that we have to get this right this time.

Lastly, well done to everybody who has worked hard to complete the First Quarter reporting for the Delivery Plan.  I know that this is a new discipline for many in SCC, but it is really important that we hold ourselves to account and measure what we are doing, whether it is a commissioned external provider or an in-house service.  If you are one of the few who have yet to file your report, please do give it one big push before we get into holiday season.

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