EU Referendum and Staffordshire

What a week.  We’ve voted to leave the European Union, the Prime Minister has resigned, we’re on the way to a second Scottish independence referendum, and, as I write this on Sunday afternoon, eight members of the Shadow Cabinet have resigned.

Staffordshire voted two to one to leave, in common with many other areas in the North of England and the Midlands.  I can see both sides of the argument.  Having lived in Belgium, France and Germany, I’ve seen the benefits of European integration, but I’ve also seen in those countries, and on military operations in the Balkans, the attitudes inside the EU that have annoyed British politicians, journalists and of course citizens so much.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of the decision, we have to make the best of the country’s future.  There will be big decisions for the next Prime Minister and his or her Cabinet to make, not only about the EU, but about the economy and the country more generally.  We will watch whether large infrastructure projects, including HS2, survive in their present form, and which direction English Devolution takes, to name but two.  We will have to remain focussed and on the front foot.

In the meantime, the day job in Staffordshire hasn’t changed.  There are children to be protected, disabled people to be looked after, and frail elderly to be cared for; and then of course, there are potholes to be filled, infrastructure projects to be managed, and all of the myriad other functions that we undertake for the people of Staffordshire.

As I reflect on a remarkable week, I hope that this is about our leaving the organisation called the European Union, and not cutting ourselves off from Europe.  I suspect that the young people who voted in large proportion to remain were making a statement about their opportunities.  There’s now a monumental task in unpicking 45 years of EEC, EC and then EU membership.

Life just got a bit more complicated/interesting/exciting (delete as applicable, and possibly all three).

One Response to “EU Referendum and Staffordshire”

  1. Dougie Craig says:

    Dear CX,

    I think all of three of the above apply with “challenging” to be added. If we see this as a challenge on our own future and approach it with a positive challenge, SCC might just get through these uncertain times ahead,

    Dougie Craig