New introductions and farewells

It’s been a busy and varied week; we said farewell to Jean Evans, our Head of Law, after many years of service to the council. Jean is a magnificent character and a great leader. In my experience, the key quality that one seeks in a legal officer is clarity, and Jean gave us that is spades. We will miss her greatly, and wish her and her husband a long, active and happy retirement.

I met the newly appointed Surgeon General, Vice Admiral Alasdair Walker, in his headquarters on Wednesday with Alan White. He’s a vascular surgeon by background, with a huge amount of experience both clinically and managerially. The Defence Medical Services, which he leads, are one of the jewels in the armed forces crown, having achieved almost incredible survival rates in Iraq and Afghanistan, through the implementation of new and innovative techniques. I hope that we will be able to work with Admiral Walker’s staff and draw on their managerial talents to help us chart our way to better health and care in the county.

The Staffordshire County Show last week was an excellent event, and I was delighted to see the fostering and adopting team, as well as the county farms team present. Having grown up with agricultural shows in Perthshire where my father was a grain merchant, it is refreshing to note that agriculture is such a strong part of the life and the economy of the county.

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