Examining and explaining

I visited Medequip in Stafford on Monday morning, the company which delivers, fits and maintains equipment for disabled and elderly people in Staffordshire. It’s a great service, and one that reacts very quickly to requests for equipment.  As ever more of our residents require assistance as they age, this is an essential service in helping them to live at home where they want to be.  Most of the staff have been transferred from the county council, and morale was high, which was good to see.  There are a couple of things that we can do better in terms of process, but that is why I do these visits.

Philip Atkins, Ian Parry and I travelled to London on Tuesday to meet our MPs in Portcullis House.  They were on good form, and asked questions about the things that their constituents write to them about, things like bus services, potholes and school places.  The key here is that they appreciate the job that we’re doing, and the difficult decisions that we’re having to make.  When they write to us on behalf of a resident, we just need to explain the situation as it is.

We also talked about devolution.  I sense that there is still a great deal of confusion on this subject, and that there is a long way to go.  With my background, you won’t be surprised to read that I’m keen to work out why we’re looking to do something, before working in what we’re going to do, and finally how.  Meeting with a number of fellow CEs at the end of the week, it was reassuring to find out that we are all facing the same challenges.

Lastly, can I remind you of the opportunity to nominate a deserving colleague for the Connect Awards. Getting the right public recognition is really important; we all like to be told that we’re doing a good job, and this is our chance to do so in Staffordshire County Council.

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