Recording a video and welcoming the new Chief Executive

Last week I had to do my Christmas Video message to go on the intranet.  This was another new challenge and experience for me, and not one I was particularly looking forward to!  I was envisaging it taking half a day as I was sure I would need an almost infinite number of takes to get it right.  I was told to try and speak for about two minutes.  As it turned out I did it in one take, although I ended up doing about 7 minutes without taking a breath.  See what you think by having a look online.

Last week I also had the great pleasure of attending, with colleagues from the Senior Leadership Team, the Society of County Treasurers Annual Dinner.  The reason we were attending is that our very own Andy Burns, our Director of Finance and Resources, is the President of the Society for the forthcoming year, a great honour for him and for the County Council.  It was a fabulous event, and the high point was the keynote speech given by Andy with his analysis of the future facing local government, and the challenges and opportunities ahead.  This is another example of the great talent we have as an organisation right throughout our organisation, and the high regard in which we are now held in the local government world.

Finally, the name of our new Chief Executive has just been announced.  He is John Henderson, and will be joining us in May next year.  It is an exciting appointment and a tremendous coup for us to get a leader of John’s talents to join us. His wealth of experience in what looks to be a very different field on the surface, but actually has great similarities when you dig a bit deeper, will serve us well in the years ahead.

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