My Performance Conversation

Being a Chief Executive is job full of variety, although appearing in a video probably isn’t one of the most obvious responsibilities. As part of the rollout of My Performance Conversation I filmed a short segment for briefing sessions being held throughout this month for managers. Having to communicate exactly what it is, what it involves and why it is important in a few short minutes was a great exercise underlining how the framework of these conversations is vital to demonstrate to everyone how we all fit into the wider picture of what we do for Staffordshire.

I know that having clarity over our direction and purpose is important to you all. For each and everyone one of us, My Performance Conversation should ensure that we are all doing our best and working towards making a difference to local people to support them to feel safe, live independently, and to be able to find a good job, be healthy and happy.

The first briefing sessions for managers have now started and so far feedback has been positive. Managers have come away having a good sense of how these conversations will help ensure that everyone across the organisation will have the support they need to develop their skills and that critically this aligns with the council’s own Strategic and Business Plans.

The contribution you make to improving life for local people is invaluable and through the My Performance Conversations framework, your talents will be supported and developed to improve the lives of local people.

I want to thank everyone who has helped to deliver My Performance Conversation so far and now it’s over to all of you to get talking.

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