Connecting Us

It has been a packed start to 2014, but one of the highlights has been the opportunities I have had to meet with you. Beginning with the Senior Managers’ Conference on 9 January, followed by two Staff Connect events (and a third being organised for 10 February as I speak due to popular demand!), it has meant that I have had the chance to meet with over 350 of you. What has impressed me, particularly in the exercises and Q&A sessions, is how obviously passionate you are about making a difference to local people and putting Staffordshire people first. Example after example has been shared about how you live our values and behaviours among others: doing the right thing, embracing doing different things and understanding the wider perspective to ‘deliver the difference’. I know from comments that have been made at these sessions that inevitably not everyone will always agree with the direction we are taking – change doesn’t come easy and some areas and staff will be more affected than others. Unfortunately, there is no getting around the fact that we need to make savings and if we do not start preparing now for the future, we could end up in a far worse position later on. Proposals in the MTFS budget recently agreed by Cabinet signal how we as an organisation are responding to the changing nature of how we all live.

Your feedback and comments I will take on board, and with the staff engagement survey also running, gathering your views on how it feels to be part of SCC at the moment will be invaluable in us planning for, and managing change, going forward (and if you haven’t completed the survey already,  please visit )

This last couple of weeks, as well as meeting staff, I’ve also been visiting other councils, and it’s brought home, just how proud I am to be in this together with you, ambitious and committed for the future. Thank you.

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