Helping Staffordshire to feel safer at this time of year

Staffordshire is a safe place to live.  There’s less chance of being a victim of crime than ever before and all types of crime are falling.

Despite this, there are some areas in our county where people feel unsafe in their community.

The reasons for this can be very varied (and not always related to crime) but because it can have a huge effect of quality of life, we’re getting to grips with it through the Feeling Safe in Staffordshire campaign, which I’ve mentioned in this blog before. We want to find out exactly why people feel safe or not  (and we’re acting on some of the obvious problems now (you can find out more and give your views at,

Whilst anti-social behaviour is decreasing across the county, some people can still feel apprehensive at this time of year, especially those who are older or more are more vulnerable. Working with Staffordshire Police and the county’s district and borough councils, we’re rolling out the annual ‘Take Care and Be Aware’  and ‘Operation Good Guy’ campaigns to reassure and reduce anti-social behaviour.

Both encourage families and young people to enjoy themselves safely and responsibly, and to consider how trick or treating or using fireworks can affect some people, especially those who are more vulnerable. Last week thousands of ‘ no trick or treat’ cards were distributed to residents across Staffordshire, and our Trading Standards teams visited licenced  shops to offer advice and guidance about the sale of fireworks to children under 18.

We’ll be continuing to reassure and support people to feel safe throughout the Christmas and new year period, when we’ll be launching a number of other campaigns that tackle more of people’s concerns.

To do this effectively, we’re now more joined up, locally and corporately, with our community safety partners. Moreover, we’ve given a strong voice to the people of Staffordshire so that we ensure that we get it right. There are many examples across the county council of us doing this, but we all need to do it everyday so that we’re truly dealing with the things that matter to residents.

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