Hi – attended the senior manager conference on Tuesday at Uttoxeter Racecourse.

This was a great chance for me to meet many colleagues that I had not had the chance to talk to before. The agenda was quite wide ranging, covering key priorities for next year and how we further improve knowledge about Staffordshire and the County Council outside of the Council. This is really important for our economy, because companies tend to want to locate in areas they have a good knowledge. It is also really important from a national perspective.

I had the opportunity to talk to the conference about some of the things that I think are important for us to do. I focused on better understanding our customers, investing time and effort in developing our employees, making sure that everyone had the opportunity to contribute ideas around innovation and efficiency, the huge importance of strong partnerships with others including districts, health and police and the importance of delivering local solutions for local communities. Hopefully not a surprise to regular readers of my blog! Seemed to go down well but I’ll wait for official feedback with bated breath……

I’ll be doing another blog before the end of the week, but early warning that I won’t be around next week as the Bell family decamps to euro Disney (what joy!) I’ll be asking a couple of colleagues from CMT to do guest blogs for me in my absence to keep the flow moving, and will look forward to coming back to jokes about a Mickey Mouse Chief Executive……..

Bye for now Nick

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