Things to think about

Hi – just spent the last few days wading through the headlines of the coalition government’s key policies, which were reinforced in the Queen’s speech yesterday.  While detail is still a bit light, it looks like there are some major issues for us to think about over the coming months.

 As expected, there has been an immediate announcement of funding reductions in this year – we know the amount for the whole of local government, but not yet the impact on us – we might have to wait for the emergency budget on the 22nd June for that.  As soon as we know more detail I’ll keep you informed. (One good thing is a signal that there will be more freedom around how Councils spend their cash – albeit that there will be less cash to spend.)

As well as tackling the deficit there is important legislation being signalled around schools, welfare benefits and regulation, all of which are likely to have an impact on our communities and the services we provide – as always, I’ll keep you in touch as the detail emerges.

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