Our Safer Communities team

This week I’ve had the pleasure of meeting our safer communities team who have a huge impact in this area. 

This is another great example of effective partnerships as the team comprises of representatives from the Police and Fire as well as the county and has very close links to the districts, PCTs and the voluntary sector.  They have been playing a key role in the reduction of many issues that affect our communities – including domestic abuse and alcohol misuse – as well as helping to co-ordinate targeted action on a wide range of issues within some of our communities most in need.  I was hugely impressed by their dedication, great ideas and the progress they have already made in many areas.

Great ideas and innovation is going to be critical to us over the next few years when money will be tight.  I also attended my first meeting of the Innovation & Efficiency Board on Tuesday, that brings together the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council with other members of Cabinet and CMT to discuss how we develop innovative ideas to give value for money while focusing on the needs of our customers. 

One of the main topics of discussion was how we generate and capture the ideas that everyone in the council has, and I will be working with colleagues to ensure that we have the best process in place for doing this.

Cheers,  Nick

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