Open for business

There has been some discussion this week about Christmas opening hours, with the announcement that the county council will remain open during the three days between Christmas and New Year.

A number of you have been asking why we have made this decision and how it will affect you.  We are aware that to many residents it may appear as if the county council is closed for business for ten days over this time.  This is not the case in many services, and we think changing our annual leave arrangements will send a clear message that we are open.

Changing the annual leave arrangements also gives you more flexibility – you can choose when to take your annual leave rather than being forced to take days between Christmas and New Year.

If you want any clarification about how it will affect your service, please talk to your line manager.

Elsewhere the Road Safety team launched a new campaign at last weekend’s V Festival warning young people about the dangers of driving the morning after a night of drinking.  Working with Staffordshire Safer Roads Partnership the campaign will run between now and the New Year.

The message is clear – get behind the wheel while you are still over the limit and it could be ‘Game Over’ for the driver, passengers or innocent bystanders.  About a third of accidents are caused by drivers high on drink or drugs – some 1,370 accidents. 43 per cent of those caught are aged 16 to 25 – so it’s a big problem.

The campaign will see information distributed at freshers’ fairs, featured on the radio and spread through social networking sites.  Please share it with any young drivers in your family.

Enjoy your bank holiday weekend.

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