Back to business

After a break in Devon (in my mind the third best place in England after Staffordshire and Yorkshire!) I’m back from leave with my batteries recharged.  I hope that those of you who have had holidays already have had a great time and that those of you looking forward to a break in the next few weeks enjoy yourselves as well. The big news story across the county has of course been the riots that have affected many towns and cities.  Staffordshire has been spared from any troubles, but I know that Staffordshire Police have been working closely with colleagues across the county and we have been in contact with them throughout the week offering them our support.  I can only hope that this challenging period is over.

As part of our work to keep county residents safe, this week our public protection team made its fifth seizure of counterfeit alcohol at off-licences in the north of the county. The fake spirits have been tested in our own scientific services laboratories. Counterfeit alcohol sales are a growing problem nationally. Anyone who drinks counterfeit spirits risks serious health problems or even death due to potential toxic chemical and unregulated alcohol content, so this is really important work.

On a lighter note, I was pleased to be able to hand out All About You awards this week.  Winners came from teams across the county and included those working directly with young people and vulnerable adults as well as those whose role is behind the scenes, in IT and purchasing.  You can read full details on the intranet – well done to you all, it was great to meet you.

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