From customer focus to football focus

I blogged recently about the need to be more customer focused. Earlier this week I visited our ICT helpdesk to get first hand experience of how people within the authority experience customer care and listened in to a couple of calls (fortunately no-one knew I was there!) I was very impressed with the support provided and its clear customer focus. Following the visit I have also decided to trial a webcam for videoconferencing (as long as I can work out how to turn it on!)  New ways of working like this can change the way we work for the better and reduce the need for long drives to meetings and this is a culture we need to instill across the county council.

I’m off for a break in Yorkshire next week, but before I go there is one final request from me.   My son has failed to listen to good sense and, despite heart-rending pleas from his Dad, decided not to support Middlesborough Football Club.  Apparently he wants to support West Brom instead.  If there are any baggies fans out there it would be great to know which would be the best & most family-friendly part of the ground to go to with him on match days as I haven’t a clue.

One Response to “From customer focus to football focus”

  1. Tracey says:

    Hiya, Your son has made a very good choice, the brummy road end is for Albion fans only and has a really good atmosphere, the smethwich end is half home and away fans and the east stand has more family sections.

    Hope the info has been helpfull