Could you mentor a looked-after child?

This week, I caught up with the young man whom I’m mentoring as part of our initiative to give our Looked-After Children a good start in life.  He’s in his first year at Welbeck, the Army’s Sixth Form College, and is doing very well – 4 A-S Levels this year and 3 A Levels next year.  Having passed the Army Officer Selection Board last year, he is looking forward and choosing his university and subject.  It’s hugely rewarding to hear and see close up what our efforts as corporate parents can achieve, and just occasionally offer some advice.  It was also a great pleasure by coincidence in the same café at the same time to meet the young lady whom Deborah Ramsdale is mentoring, who is in her final year at university. 

The reason for mentioning this scheme is that we are expanding it and looking for more colleagues to act as mentors.  It is not an onerous task – I meet my mentee every month or two for an hour, and we exchange the occasional email.  What you can offer is a different perspective, particularly from your professional and personal experience, which might just make the difference to a young person and allow them to reach their full potential.  If you’re interested, please contact Sarah Rivers, the Virtual Head of our School for Looked-After Children, who will give you more details.  In all honesty, it’s probably the single most rewarding thing that I’ve done in this job. 

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