Update from the Senior Managers’ Conference

This week saw the second in our revamped Senior Managers’ Conferences—many thanks to Sarah James and the Comms Team for putting on such a good event.  Our big idea is really very simple – to connect the council’s strategy securely to the tactics that every one of us are undertaking in our everyday work.  Operational managers have a vital role in this; whereas the wider leadership team work out from the strategy what we’re going to do, operational managers are the ones to figure out how we’re going to achieve it.

The conference went really well—we focussed on our New Council Offer and the People Strategy, issues that you will learn more about in the coming weeks and months.  These afternoons are more than just a day out of the office, in that we will use digital means such as Microsoft Teams and Skype to continue the work and draw upon the deep well of knowledge and goodwill from everyone in the organisation.  On the New Council Offer, I was impressed by how people were up for the challenges of getting citizens, groups and communities to “Do Our Bit,” and I know that many people around the organisation will be just as enthused.  There is clearly more to do, but I left feeling energised.

On the People Strategy, there was a real feeling that we have to demonstrate progress quickly.  Having listened to a large number of colleagues, and noticed myself, we have a number of processes and procedures which do not make sense.  They probably were perfectly sensible when they were brought in, but if we want to be a more confident and agile organisation operating in a smart way in a digital world, we need to challenge them, and get rid of as many as possible.  This will require us to step outside of the normal comfort zone, but it’s about building trust and confidence with our colleagues. 

Clearly there are some exciting and challenging times ahead, and I’d like as many of you as possible to take every opportunity to get involved.

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