Learning at Work Week

We have Learning at Work Week coming up from 14 – 18 May.  You might remember last year’s event, which was hugely popular with colleagues, and introduced us to the idea that SUMO was not only large Japanese gentlemen wearing oversized loincloths, but also a technique for dealing with stress in our lives – Shut Up and Move On.  Catriona Hudson has been continuing the classes throughout the year, and indeed was recognised for her work as Mentor of the Year last November at the West Midlands Employers Awards.

Catriona’s success highlights the 2 aspects that I would like to raise in your minds, namely that of the Learning at Work Week continuing throughout the year, and also having a go at teaching yourself.  For the first part, the theme of this year’s week is Networks, and we will be using this as a handrail for the activities that we are putting on.  I would like you to sign up for at least one activity during the week, and would ask you to try something that you think you might like to continue learning about throughout the rest of the year.   The key here is that this is not the only week during which we learn at work – I like to learn something new every day at work, and usually do.  Rather, it is the week during which we make a special effort to learn.

The second part is that almost all of us have some skill that friends and colleagues would benefit from sharing.  Catriona learned about SUMO through her interest as a mentor and motivational speaker, and it has been hugely successful throughout the organisation.  Last year, we also had yoga classes in SP1, which is an excellent activity for boosting health and wellbeing.  I would ask you to have a think about what you could teach your colleagues and volunteer to give it a go.  From personal experience, the first time that you stand in front of a class is pretty daunting, but the buzz that you get from an appreciative audience is hard to beat.

I look forward to seeing you at this year’s events.


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