Happy New Year

Firstly, I would like to wish you, your families and friends a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year in 2018.

Harold Macmillan was once asked what shaped his tenure as prime minister, to which his answer was, “Events, dear boy, events”. After a year in 2017 when there was no shortage of events, I’m certainly hoping for a bit of stability to get on proactively with the many plans that we have to benefit the residents of Staffordshire.

Top among them is getting our strategy for the next 4 years out. We’ve been very successful in the past couple of years linking the Delivery Plan and the Medium Term Financial Strategy (MTFS), and that has been borne out by our results, dealing with the unexpected and delivering at pace and on target. The task now is to link them to the strategy, which means a slightly different type of document to the previous version. In essence, I’m looking for something that goes beyond outcomes and aspirations, vital though they are, and links directly into activities whose success or failure we can measure.

If we get it right, it will be a living document which we’ll redraft every year as we take stock of our progress, and of course those events.


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