Putting you front and centre

Hopefully, you will have received my email message on the recent Connecting Us survey.  For me, that the indicators are all rising in terms of satisfaction is reassuring, but I am definitely not complacent.  We’ll do some in-depth analysis, but my initial observation is that there is still some way to go in the perceptions of managing change.  It’s improving, but I’d like to see a more rapid ascent.  The rewriting of our strategy this winter will be an opportunity to connect it properly with our Delivery Plan and MTFS.  I would like to place our workforce “front and centre” as one of the enablers – to look again at the values that we espouse, consider whether our policies support them, and rewrite them if necessary.  I will be coming back to you with some more thoughts on this in the coming weeks, as I’m firmly of the belief that the best way of achieving success in these areas is by engaging early and often. 

I met Sir Neil Mackay, the new Chair of the Health and Care Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) last week.  Sir Neil has a national reputation which is well-earned in NHS leadership, and we are fortunate that he will be working with us.  I was very pleased to hear his views that he thought that the plan was good, but that it needed a better narrative.  I would certainly agree with that sentiment.  He was also taken by the need to find some “quick wins” to demonstrate that the STP can deliver real change and improvement, which is again something that I would agree with.  There comes a time in any endeavour where one needs to move from theory into practice, and the STP is very much at that point in time.  Sir Neil’s arrival is timely.     

I also met Chris Blackwell, the new CE of Entrust.  Chris has a strong background in growing businesses in the skills and education arena, which is the skill-set that the company needs in the current environment of academisation.  Put bluntly, the education landscape has changed immensely since we formed Entrust, and the company has struggled to keep up and ahead of the market.  I sense that Chris is somebody who will bring a new focus to the business, which will be invaluable as we strive to continue the improvements in Staffordshire’s schools.    


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