Dignity in Care

I spent the best part of a day with the carers who look after our most vulnerable people at the annual Dignity Awards, held this year in Newcastle-under-Lyme College. It was an inspiring and humbling experience, meeting both those who care for family members and those whose career is caring. The thing that they all had in common was a selfless commitment to looking after others. Reading out and listening to the citations written for those who were nominated for the awards brought home to me how important it is to celebrate these people and their efforts, often in the face of the most trying of circumstances.

We all read and hear reports in the media of events when care goes wrong, but rarely of when it goes well—I think this needs to change. That said, what sticks in my memory was the modesty and determination of these remarkable people. Prince Philip once said that the Armed Forces were made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary things – the same could be said of our carers.



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