SLT Away Day; Providing a better health and care system

The Cabinet and the Senior Leadership Team had our long-awaited Away Day last Monday to consider the direction of Staffordshire County Council over the coming 4 years.  It is probably just as well that we did not have it in the weeks following the county council elections in May, as so much has changed in the intervening time.  Saving any other shocks and upsets, we hopefully have as clear a view of the way ahead as we’re going to get.

The themes were all familiar to us: the future of Health and Care in Staffordshire; how we grow the economy and provide adequate housing for those people whom we hope to attract to the county; how we continue the improvement in Staffordshire’s schools in an environment where our direct influence is waning; and, of course, the future of local government finance to look after the most vulnerable and needy in our society.  We did not aim to get into detail, but rather to sketch out our aims and to make objective judgements on the relative importance of each area, and on relationships with organisations and people.  It was probably one of the most useful days that I have spent since coming to this role over 2 years ago.

On Health and Care, it is clear that we need to do something different.  Staffordshire and Stoke’s Sustainability and Transformation Partnership (STP) has just been graded in the bottom 5 of the 44 STPs nationally – needing the most improvement.  All but one of the measures are in the health arena, with the Delayed Transfers of Care (DTOCs) being the only one with a local authority flavour.  It is often said as a joke that the definition of madness is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results, but in this case, as there so often is, there is a germ of truth in the witticism; the national structures and directives are clearly not achieving the results that anybody seeks.  I felt very proud of our politicians at the full Council meeting the week before last, when all members put party interests aside to vote unanimously for a motion to work with the NHS and the people of Staffordshire to provide the health and care system that meets our needs in the future.  Unlike so many other parts of the country, we are engaged closely with our health colleagues locally, but we do need to align responsibility, accountability and authority locally if we are to make the system work as it should.


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One Response to “SLT Away Day; Providing a better health and care system”

  1. Julian Cragg says:

    Please see response from the winner of Staffordshire’s Dignity in Care Awards:

    From: Davlyn House Care []
    Sent: 09 August 2017 09:32
    To: CareMatch
    Subject: dignity awards


    The 2nd August 2017 was a very special day for me, it was an honour and a privilege to be awarded the Staffordshire Dignity Award for the Individual Carer.

    To be nominated for this award was humbling and very touching, winning was something that was not expected, to have been nominated was enough, knowing that you have made a difference to others is the very best reward. To hear the special words that others say, left me feeling very proud. At a time when social care is often portrayed in a very poor light to attend awards where good practice is celebrated and talked about was a very special experience. There is so much to celebrate in the Care Sector, where ordinary people are striving to drive up standards every day in often difficult situations (with out expecting recognition or thanks) to make each day special for the people for who whom we care, this is the perfect showcase to display the qualities that exist in the Sector. I can begin the express how much winning this award means to me, but it is not just for me it is for everyone who is part of our team and the other caring people in the other services, that compliment and add to the service we provide.
    A massive thank you to the Carematch team and all the other organisations and individuals for managing to save the Dignity Awards, making it a day to remember.

    Kind Regards

    Lesley Flatley