The Grenfell Fire

The fire in the Grenfell tower block in Kensington was a truly horrific event, one that defies description in any normal way.  Our sympathies are naturally with the families of those lost or missing, and with those who have been injured.  There will, of course, be repercussions in how such buildings are built, maintained and managed, and how local authorities and government reacted to the disaster, but that will not bring anybody back.

Having led investigations into fatal accidents and incidents in the past, thankfully none on the scale of Grenfell, the common theme is that there is a chain of events and decisions which lead to the disaster, any one of which having been different would have avoided the event.  I was always left with the slightly frustrated feeling of, “if only this or that had been done, or not done…”.

In order to ensure that public confidence and trust is restored, and most importantly to make doubly sure that people’s homes are safe, we have to ensure that steps are taken to so that this event can never be repeated.  While the County Council is not directly responsible for housing people in Staffordshire or managing blocks of homes, we will do everything that we can as part of the national effort, and more locally to confirm that high rise homes in the county are safe and do not have any of the combination of factors that led to this awful fire.



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