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Treated Badly Campaign

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Have you seen our ‘R U Treated Badly?’ campaign? (Have a look at It aims to increase awareness of the different types of abuse that are occurring more and more in young relationships across the country.

I hope you’ll agree that it’s a persuasive and considered campaign that will really resonate with the young audience that it’s intended for.

It made me think about our new values and behaviours and how by ‘communicating compellingly’, we really can achieve our aim of a prosperous, healthy and happy Staffordshire.

What’s interesting about the campaign is how the campaign team and domestic abuse partnership worked together with youth groups across Staffordshire to shape the campaign: its language, the ways it looks, even the music, which was produced by young people in Staffordshire’s Make Some Noise project.

Not only that, Staffordshire’s schools are also involved with the campaign, which is now featuring in school lessons across the county.

With many young people involved, using their talents to get across an important message for all our young people, it’s an inspiring piece of work that has our new ways of working at its heart. I believe it can help make a real difference to promote positive wellbeing now and instil positive behaviours that will benefit Staffordshire’s communities long into the future.