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New Year 2014

Friday, January 24th, 2014

Happy New Year! Time seems to fly extraordinarily quickly – what happened to 2013?  The future seems to arrive so much quicker than we expect it, and year on year seems to deliver even more change. When I look back 20 years, it was a world of memos, faxes and mainframe computers (we were also just recovering from a recession and Australia had won the ashes so I suppose some things do stay the same!)

Understanding what changes are around the corner is why SCC is making changes now. How will people think, feel and behave in the future? What can we do to shape their thinking and to support them so that they feel safer, more prosperous, healthy, and skilled?

These were just some of the issues we discussed at the senior manager’s conference.

We have our roadmap to guide us through the next few years with a clear vision and strategy for how we will deliver, and we have you, our staff, who have embraced the pace of change and are enthusiastic and passionate about Staffordshire and improving the lives of every single one of the County’s 850,000 residents. But, we still need to understand more because we know in the future, by 2033, for example, our population will have reached 940,000 and the number of people aged 65 or over will have increased by 48%. We can’t keep doing what we’ve always been doing.

We will need strong, committed and inclusive leadership from every one of us, as well as the confidence to occasionally pause on the journey to ask ourselves if there is an even better route to our destination. We will need to use the insight we develop through our communities to tailor more  local solutions, and we will need to engage, listen, converse and persuade people, both within and outside the council, our partners and our communities to understand how together we can improve lives for everyone and build a sustainable future.

Most of all we will need you, to carry on as you have with pace, with passion and with pride for our county, building firmer and better partnerships with our communities.

You have already moved mountains in improving outcomes and lives across Staffordshire over the last few years. Those years have been about radically changing the landscape of public services for the people of Staffordshire. With the same determination to make a difference in the next few years we can change their world.