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Great news for Staffordshire jobs!

Monday, September 19th, 2011

I’m delighted that international automotive giant Jaguar Land Rover has announced this morning that it is coming to Staffordshire.

celebrating JLRs announcementThe prestige car maker has chosen Staffordshire as the location for a brand new manufacturing plant, and is bringing many of their suppliers along too, creating thousands of new jobs.  This is fantastic news for Staffordshire’s prosperity and our economic champions have been right at the heart of the drive to convince this massively prestigious company to join the Staffordshire business community. JLR is moving onto the county council’s South Staffordshire i54 business park.

This announcement is the culmination of months of behind the scenes hard work by the county council’s politicians and officers to persuade JLR to choose Staffordshire.  And it’s a massive coup as the company could have chosen anywhere in the world.  

The county council has already made a significant investment to support business growth in Staffordshire this year. And we have already had a string of big names announcing they are growing their business in Staffordshire.  We will be doing everything we can now to encourage other hi-tech companies to follow JLR in profiting from our prime location, skilled workforce and business friendly partnerships. 

You can read the full story on line and see a short video at

Another great success for everyone involved, the county council overall and most importantly for Staffordshire people!

Reviewing the situation

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

Last week the Senior Leadership Team undertook its regular review of the county council’s transformation programme and budget position.

The verdict, as we get close to the half-year point, it that we are on track to deliver a balanced budget in 2011/12 if we continue to retain a clear focus on delivering all our savings plans as well as reducing our every day spending.

A huge amount of hard work has gone into getting us to that position – from within service teams, the Transformation Support Unit and all the support services.  It is important that we keep focused for the rest of this year and deliver on our plans, however the signs are good and this is down to your hard work and commitment. Thank you and keep up the good work.

As you know we need to save around £120m over three years.  The transformation programme and continued implementation of the operating model and news ways of working such as one council review of support services and the creation of a single customer access point will contribute to this target.  However, there is a funding gap for next year, and we are asking senior management teams to investigate further savings options.  This will be difficult and challenging but I am confident that we can achieve it hard work and a team effort.  We will announce more as our plans develop.

On a separate note, there are some exciting developments for prosperity in Staffordshire.  I mentioned on the blog a few weeks ago that Amazon is coming to Rugeley, 900 new jobs have just been advertised and will have a big impact in Rugelely and the surrounding areas.  I’m also very excited that we may have an even bigger prosperity/ jobs for Staffordshire announcement soon – watch this space!